mixing advice on my neo-psychedelic art funk trip hop track?

Ibrar Azam

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recorded all instruments and vocals myself with sm57's during a free 3hr session at a rehearsal room, looking for any and every pointer as I'm really trying to hone down the mix.

things I'm specifically looking to fix: lot of bleed especially in the drum track, you can hear the metronome. Tried some surgical EQ and gating which helped but trying to reduce it even more

another drum question: put a very slight bit of gated delay+reverb, should I keep those effects mono like the original drum track or widened? right now it's at around 50% separation for the wet and still 100% mono on the dry

and generally want to de mud the mix, put low pass and high pass filters where I thought it was appropriate but still feels muddy.

currently nothing on the master track

get as nitty gritty as you would like!! my ego is tucked away. thanks for listening


This is really awesome. Love that hot bass line, real nice groove and fits the drum pocket nice. I might give the bass a slight 80hz boost as it sounds slightly toppy, but honestly not that bad. The funk guitar chords are very nice too. Vocals are raw and honest, nice melody. I might wetten them up slightly. The room bleed is totally fine, I like it. I might actually increase the decay/release on the gated verb on the snare to make'em slightly bigger. I tend to favor slightly wetter mixes. I


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Hey! I liked it, very cool funk trip. I agree with Manslick, the HH are a bit stiff to my taste. I would slightly increase the rhythm guitar volume.

What fuzz pedal did you use btw?


Bulls Hit

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I think you need to adjust your gate settings as the whole drum bus seems to drop out at times. Try duping you drums tracks and gating/compressing those. The tom panning is a bit radical on headphones. Vocals are great and guitars and and bass are sitting well. Cool vibe, nice jam