mixer/editor settings


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Okay, I've recorded the first song to computer - voice and acoustic guitar. I used the mixer basically as a preamp: master volume all the way up, channel sliders all the way to the top, trim about half, and no panning. I used the volume controls in the software to adjust the levels. The waveforms aren't particularly big and fat, but the song sounds fine (I know, I know - it always sounds fine through headphones - I'll worry about mixdown later). I'm wondering what other people think of this approach - in my personal world of vast ignorance, I always think I might be missing something important. :)
First off, when tracking, with most boards, with the master fader all the way down, you should set the channel fader about 3/4 up (this is usually marked on the board for you if it's not too old). Second, use the trim to set the level of that channel (and push it if it's an analog board). After you do this for all your channels, use master fader for your overall output level (but you don't need the master fader at all if you're going directly out of each channel into your computer and on different tracks); which it sounds like you're doing since you said you'd worry about the mix later.

When it comes to monitoring, use near-field studio monitors. Use headphones only as a reference for things such as distortion, hiss, whether there is too much FX or not, etc.

Also, rule #1 in recording is never to say "I'll fix it in the mix."
Okay - thanks. I'll try that. Please forgive the omission of the pretty girl in the original post.