Mix my Reaper project, want to try it?


It is a life preserver
How would this work?

If I make a verse and chorus, you want to try and mix it?

Can I see the finished project , so I am able to improve by learning what others done? or are you just rubbing my nose in it?

My folder has a couple works in progress. Tough Enough? There are a couple unmixed. Just a verse and a chorus.

Um..It is EZ , there is not much to it. 60 seconds you can make it better. That is Messy rock 107bpm in the search.

Yes, it looks like it.

Somebody would need to walk me through coping the project files.
I tried exporting the project as a consolidated folder. Are the peaks files needed too? Try these.

How do I attach a wav?

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Export your drum MIDI track out of Reaper to a MIDI file. Export all your individual WAV files out of your session. Give us the rawest of everything that you can. If you have Bass and Guitar D.I. tracks then give us those. Give us your raw vocal tracks with not EQ, no compression, no FX, no editing, no tuning, no nothing. We need the rawest material you can give us. Once you figured out how to export everything properly, place everything into a folder. Then, compress said folder (preferably 7-Zip as the compression is strongest.) Then upload that compressed file to a file hosting service (Dropbox, MEGA, etc... ZippyShare, whatever.) Copy the link to the uploaded file then come back here and paste it!
Just an FYI, I pulled it down into Reaper, and since I don't have EZDrummer, I substituted MTPowerDrumKit. Apparently they map instruments the same, so it was fine.
I made some theme music. Nothing special. Mostly in a hardware Fantom X. This way my mix doesn't rely on the quality of the room recording.

See if I'm doing it right. Goal is to sound like a radio mix. Focusing more on EQ shelves and HPF'ing than compression.

If you think you can do better, I will include the wav files from the reaper project. Feel Free,

Theme music, every good hero should have some.

See if you can beat the Beak! 70mb.

Edit, I enabled a 80hz HPF to the mix. Is this better HPF'd? I think no.

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Here’s a version, this beat is pretty cool! Hadn’t heard of the fantom before, sounds like it’s got some great tones.


  • lazer beak shiek 2.mp3
    2.5 MB
Wow! Nice one!

Would you like to say what you did? My mix had a boominess to the bass. I even tried to round it off too with a 50-80 hz HPF. It is not even heard on your mix. I do hear significantly more line noise with some phones on. What level db are you mixing at? Is that a master limiter at -0.1 and pumped? Your mix is Industrial Strength.
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The Roland Fantom X? It is a hardware type DAW Workstation keyboard. It has high quality 808 909 kit samples. 16 pads. I can assign the instrument sound patches to pads. Record them as a phrase. Then play the phrases to a master BPM with some accompaniment. I use two layered drum lines and a synth for this genre.
Not a lot of drastic changes, just little things that added up I think. I got a new board recently that makes things nice and fat, I don’t know how actually. But there is like a +6dB low shelf on the main drums. :) Some other little cuts and boosts. Drums go into a vca compressor. You noticed there is noise that comes with the board, I’m trying to figure out how to minimize it.

After that, plugins on the two-track. Main things: ozone imager to widen things and then fg-x to make it loud, I tried for around -14 lufs but it’s probably a bit louder. . .
It’s a soundcraft mixer, I heard some demos of it on YouTube and picked up a used one. Very happy with it so far!
You physically bussed it? That's AWESOME!

Yeah through a mixer+PA live it sounds different. I have a Mackie 1604, but I would not think to use it with a DAW..
My Pa is set with the mixer to monitor the 8 track 1/4" on channels 9-16. So I leave em muted. Constantly I compare the tape to the digital DAW. Then complain about it.

Its the mixer then? The multi channel bus?

Nice setup! Yeah I have an interface that outputs multiple channels to the mixer, then I just record the 2 track out of the mixer. I’m actually not picky about digital vs analog, it’s just the features I want are only on the analog mixers I’ve found. Do you tend to alternate between tape and daw? Or how do you use your outboard gear?