Mix my Reaper project, want to try it?


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Um..It is EZ , there is not much to it. 60 seconds you can make it better. That is Messy rock 107bpm in the search.

Yes, it looks like it.

Somebody would need to walk me through coping the project files.
I tried exporting the project as a consolidated folder. Are the peaks files needed too? Try these.

How do I attach a wav?

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Pevy Sue

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Export your drum MIDI track out of Reaper to a MIDI file. Export all your individual WAV files out of your session. Give us the rawest of everything that you can. If you have Bass and Guitar D.I. tracks then give us those. Give us your raw vocal tracks with not EQ, no compression, no FX, no editing, no tuning, no nothing. We need the rawest material you can give us. Once you figured out how to export everything properly, place everything into a folder. Then, compress said folder (preferably 7-Zip as the compression is strongest.) Then upload that compressed file to a file hosting service (Dropbox, MEGA, etc... ZippyShare, whatever.) Copy the link to the uploaded file then come back here and paste it!


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Just an FYI, I pulled it down into Reaper, and since I don't have EZDrummer, I substituted MTPowerDrumKit. Apparently they map instruments the same, so it was fine.