Mix Mexico (Amerimexicano)


Miss Mexico mix (Amerimexicano)

I can't remember if I posted an early mix here or not. I'm getting close to where I want on this, but ...
I boosted the bass up a bit on the high end (and compressed it a little) and like the loose sound its got now, but it seems to obscure the acoustic once all the instruments come in. Should I just boost up the acoustic a little, or would some EQ carving do better? I've got no EQ or compression on the acoustic at all at this point.

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Yeah, a little David Crosby infused tuneage, nice to hear once in a while.

I think this is one of your better mixes, that I've heard.

The acoustic is definitely darkly EQ'd and gets lost when everything kicks in. I am in the school of thought there are two ways to mix an acoustic; one for solo/accompaniment work, or when it's in a full band. I think you need to have two separate tracks for the acoustic and tweak each one for each section of the song instead of trying to cram one eq/compression/fx setting into multiple purposes. Or, just let it lie in the background, quietly adding to the base of the song. The keyboard adds a nice rhythm track to the song and doesn't get lost. Honestly, I think you're good with that.

The bass stands out nicely. No tweaks needed.

This is one of the better vocal performances from you, too, though your voice waivers a bit like you're nervous, which I know you're not.




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Love the bass and drums, those sound great. I wonder if the mix isn't a little bottom heavy? Bass seems a bit loud maybe. Cool tune, got some Steely Dan vibes. Might help the vocal a little push the background back a bit I think. Really nice song, catchy.


Thanks for the listens.
Chili - would not be unusual for my vocals to wobble, but it could also be an effect of the stereo delay on it - left has a single echo at 1/16 of a beat, and right has a triple at 1/8 of a beat - it's a trick I heard demoed to help beef up a vocal. Can't hear the echoes at all in the mix, and only if the tracks are soloed are they distinguishable.
Easlern - I'm thinking I might need to push everything back except the lead vocal and the acoustic to balance it a little more - whenever I've done that to other mixes, I end up screwing all the balances up, so I may just push of those up a little at the point where all the instruments come in instead.


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In general it's a pretty good mix.

The acoustic guitar in the intro has a low end thunk. I'd notch that out a little bit. But other than that, I liked the sound.

I like the clean and cleanish electric guitars. Lead tone sounds nice.

Drums are a bit mechanical. And the cymbals are swishy.

I thought the bass sounded good.

I would double track the vocal all the way through. Your singing voice isn't the strongest voice in the world. I think some of the weaker notes might become a little less noticable if it were double tracked. I'd try it anyway.

Edit - was there a little timing gak on the bass right after the line "...walk through that open door..."? Sounded like it.