Miscellaneous E-drum hardware...


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While I'm thinking of it: I have some surplus E-drum hardware to move out as well.

3 Pintech TC trigger cymbals. 2 16", 1 10". These are the slightly older black PVC trigger cymbals, intended for mounting on a regular cymbal tilter. Note: they do not have the tan rubber pad used on the new onesthat you can see on the Pintech web site, they are just the black PVC cymbal with the trigger can mounted on it. New, $30-35 each: asking $25 each, or all 3 for $60.

One (big!) box of Hart Dynamics rack clamp hardware. These are from my Hart Studio BX kit: I replaced the OEM hardware with Gibraltar clamps. These are fibreglass-reinforced plastic, similar to the Roland rack hardware. Will work on any 1.5" OD rack tubing. All clamps are intact and usable.


11- 1.5"-1.5" tee connectors
12- 1.5"-7/8" (Pearl style tom/cymbal arm) 90deg connectors
4- 1.5" leg brace clamps
15 or 20 8mmx1.25mm METRIC tee-handle clamp screws
Several dozen drum lug bolt that I replaced with 5/16" socket-head cap screws....

I'll put the whole box in the mail for $75, or sell off individual clamps for $5 each (as you can tell, I don't want to have to screw with it...). With some 1.5" OD tubing from your local metals supplier, you could build one _fine_ rack with this...

Once again- respond via email if interested, and we'll do the deal via PayPal. As-is, buyer pays shipping.