Minimal recording studio. Any feedback please?


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Here's a couple photos of my very minimal home recording studio. Do Keep in mind i work with what I have and that itself is a blessing. As well the space im working with its a 2 wall corner and the ceiling+floor. I had to acousticly treat a portable room divider to substitute the missing wall. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! I'm always looking to improve my craft in every way possible and im constantly working on D.I.Y projects to accomplish decent quality sound. What you see here is my new residence for now. I have my vocal booth in the garage and not in use at the moment. Everything gets done here at the workstation. As you can see I prefer low budget equipment due my responsibilities and family duties but I'm open to suggestions. I only record vocals (genre: hiphop/rap) and occasionally work on instrumentals. As well, I mix and master all my own music( for the most part). Thank you all may you continue enjoying the remainder of your day! You can find all my music on youtube/biglisto.20231018_153836.jpg20231018_111815.jpg20231018_103010.jpgScreenshot_20231018-143722_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20231018-143818_Video Player.jpg20230605_094826.jpg
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I know this may be a daft question, but why are you squashing everything into a telephone box sized space - it will be awful to work in. Air and empty space work because that is how most people will listen. I've worked in outside broadcast units where you have a tiny space, and it's really horrible to work in. The narrow speaker placement means stereo choices are a bit weird, so you turn the pan knobs using your history of what works and not what you hear. Monitor screens up in the air make your neck ache because your head has to tilt up and down. Ideally screens need to be visible with just eye movement. neck movement is tiring. I've just removed my high monitor, I always crammed everything onto the bottom one!

I think it will work - but will just be 'cozy'? Personally - the vocal recording part I can see benefits if you need to yell and make noise, but mixing wise, I'd prefer to spend hours in the garage with headphones maybe? Mixing in the box would be tiring for me!