Mimicing recorded sound on stage in a live situation

rob aylestone

On YouTube lots of people found the Carpenters stuff we put in a video interesting so I've had a look back at our attempts to re-create the Beach Boys music on stage. The first part you might find revealing - the first section is the studio version of one track (which Youtube did a copyright claim again, I note) followed by the same song in the live stage format with Bass, Drums, Keys and guitar with 4 vocal lines - then the 'trick' we used to make it sound a bit bigger. The next section will be the version where we intended to introduce tracks to our stage show for the first time. Ironic in a way - we did I think 3 or 4 shows with the new tracks and gizmos, then covid wiped things out and our 4 became a 3 eventually. So I figured all the work we put into making the tracks would perhaps help others considering the same thing?
Here is the second part moving from 100% live to using tracks. It goes through all the issues of having to play to clicks and the mistakes you want to avoid.