Miking drum with 3 mic, 2 overheads or 1snare?


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Suppose I have only 3 mics to mic a drum kit, of course I have to put one in the bass drum, but what should I do with the 2 left? Use them for overheads (X-Y configuration) for stereo imaging, or one for snare (and hit-hat) and an overhead. I want to get a good snare sound, but I want stereo imaging. What do you think would be my best bet?
This is for metal/rapcore music, the drum is a Pearl with 1 BD, 4 toms, 1 floor, ride, 2 crash, hit-hat.

As I see it you have 3 options

1.1-kick 2- snare 3- overhead pointing down at the set 2 inchs above cymbles

Advantage - seperate control. I also think you'll get the punchiest sound this way.
Disadvantage - no stereo image.

2. 1- kick 2+3- X-Y overheads

Stereo image but less control.

3. 1 - snare 2+3 - overheads that you are recording and test the results.

Perhaps for your style I would go with #1
becuase kick and snare are important in defining a style.

Did you think of renting one more mic?
Toget a decent amount of control I would say that 4 mics are a starting point.

Good luck

I would try all three in your room