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Hi, got hold of an MTS-1000 Midiizer and I'm trying to use it with my TSR-8 simply for the remote control function, but I don't have a manual and just hooking it up via the master or slave connections doesn't do it. When I connect it to the slave on the MTS the "ext" light comes on the front of the TSR so it's recognizing it (the light doesn't come on when connected to the master). Everything on the MTS lights up but pressing the FF/RW/PLY/REC etc., doesn't do anything. In the future I may use it to connect another recorder, but for now just trying to get the remote section to function.

Any ideas?

Try striping the tape with time code so the Midiizer has something to track on the tape. Without striping a SMPTE time code on track 8, I don't think it will do what you want it to do, namely operate as a simple remote.

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Also about the master slave deal;

When the TSR8 is the master, the slave deck, with a striped track of time code on it, will chase to the same tape position according to the time code on the TSR8 deck.

Striping the tape and having the manual are key!

Try contacting TASCAM's parts department and order the manual.

cheers! :)
Thank you Ghost, but I figured out all I had to do to get it working was set the bit/sec on the rear of the TSR-8 to 9600 to match the midiizer. I'm ordering the manual Friday.

BUT! You may or may not recall I had purchased what I thought was a DOA RC-408 a couple of weeks ago. Since the midiizer wouldn't work until I changed the bit/sec on the TSR I'm now thinking maybe I had to first make that same adjustment in order for the RC-408 to work as well, Your thoughts, please? I'd hate to have the dealer I returned it to (who refunded my money including shipping as well as apologized profusely) think, due to my lack of knowledge, he is stuck with a bad remote that might in fact be fine after all.

PS. Is it possible to get a longer remote cable for the midiizer? The one that came with it is 15 ft and in a percfect world I need another five at least.

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The 408 didn't care about the dip switch settings since it wasn't a serial protocol item. The 408 remote simply hard wired into the transport/arming electronics.

The basics of the Midiizer with one machine are this...

With Midiizer and tsr8 power off, hook up the accessory 2 cable....initially one end to the accessory 2 connector on the tsr8 and the other end to the "master" connector on the Midiizer.

Then set dip switches (with power off) on back of Midiizer to ..

t/c... all up (smpte 30 ndf)
time base...all up (only applies for midi interface for old sequencers)
fm servo select...1-2 up...3 down...4 up...this is the 9.6k setting for Tascam
i/f select...all up (serial for all)

set dip switch on tsr8 (with power off) to 9600.

Now power everything up so communication can be established (in theory)

You don't have to stripe the tape if you're going to just use the Midiizer as a remote. However you DO have to stripe the tape if you are goiing to use the Midiizer's 10 point autolocator in songs.

If you plan to use the Midiizer's autolocator and remote...stripe the tape from the Midiizer using the master smpte rca out into track 8 of the tsr. That's done from the t/c key on the Midiizer. After completing the stripe..verify you have an rca hooked from tsr8 chnl 8 out into the Master time code in jack on the Midiizer (when you get the manual, there's some discussion of perhaps using the single machine in other modes...but this one works well to get you started). Rewind trs8, start playing the tape, switch the Midiizer right hand "remote" selector to "master" (the led comes on) and you should see the trs8's time code zoooming by on the Midiizer screen.

The left hand white buttons are for further choices regarding arming masters/salves. For initial reference for setup, push a couple of tsr8 track arm record buttons. You see the red leds on the tsr 8 and you should ALSO see the same channel number leds blinking on the Midiizer...if you don't see the Midiizer blink in the same way that leds blink on the tsr8 when you directly activate channels there...you most likely don't have a proper connection via the grey accessory 2 cable (since this is where all these signals are travelling)...or you don't have something switched correctly on the Midiizer front panel....or you do not have all the dip switches set for serial and 9600 baud.

If all is correctly hooked up (and "master" selected as the remote choice on the right side Midiizer panel), you'll hit play or ff or rew etc on the Midiizer and the Tsr will move where you want it.

To further calibrate the Midiizer with the tsr8 (and I don't remember if this is even necessary with just one machine..but it can't hurt), verify the tsr8 shows "ext".... on the Midiizer, press "others", then select "setup" in the "others' row. Midiizer screen will prompt you to hit "enter" to continue...WAIT!!. Push Play on the tsr8 itself. NOW, push "enter" on the Midiizer. The Midiizer will take over the tsr8 may or may not make it do things (ff, rew etc). The setup routine is mostly for sync stuff. When the Midiizer is done, it's screen will say "setup end" or something. Press "esc" to leave setup.

Besides a good hookup, the key thing to remember is that the right hand 'master"- "slave" buttons have to be set for the correct machine..ie..If you select "master" on the right, all transport commands are shooting out the silver "master" connector on the back of the Midiizer. If "slave" is selected, all the commands go out the silver slave connector on the Midiizer back. To keep things straight, notice how your accessory 2 cable is hooked up and where that 'remote" button is set on the midiizer...it's keep things less confusing.
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Thanks, BRDTS (and Ghost)...

A lot of great info you provided and I appreciate you taking the time to go into such detail. I've saved this thread to my favs in case in the future I decide to pick up another TSR-8 (or something else). For now I have the Midiizer working as a simple remote and I can sit comfortable behind my drums and operate the recorder, so all is well in the world :)
Old thread, I´m looking at this units now.
I have a doubt maybe someone know. The Midizer can control the TSR-8 without have to use one of the channels to record? Or must record smpte on one track to the midiizer can work?
Thank you.