MIDI via usb inter face or MIDI via my audio interface


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I was wondering what was better. Hooking up my MIDI keyboard controller using a USB MIDI interface connected to my PC directly or connect the keyboard to my Focusrite 18i20 or Behringer ADA8200?


I'm no MIDI expert, but my instinct tells me to use the Focusrite DIN connection so that the MIDI clock is tied to the audio clock.

rob aylestone

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Whatever needs least cabling. Seriously - I've never noticed any difference with where you get MIDI from as soon as wee dumped the audio card bodged RS232 interfaces which regularly lost notes! Modern direct to the computer interfaces are OK, considering the ticks per beat/bar is quite modest.

gecko zzed

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I've got two keyboards currently hooked up, and both with din to interface and usb to PC. Whether I select inteface midi or usb as an input device makes no difference.