MIDI - The last straw!!


My synth is a cousin of the JV-1080, but I'm pretty sure that the command structure as to stuff like performance mode is different.
On my Sound Canvas (SC-88), performance mode refers to whether the input is interpreted as monophonic (one note at a time) or polyphonic
and whether the sounds are mapped to a drum set or an instrument.
Problem: Got the equipment but just can't figure out MIDI!!!

Here's the setup:
Yamaha Clavinova(just as keyboard)
Logic Audio Gold as midi sequencer
Roland JV-1080 for the sounds

I've got sound going through but I just don't seem to get it:
How do you orchestrate a song using MIDI?
For example...I can "record" the piano part with JV1080 receiving on CH 1. And then I "record" the bass part, and switch the JV1080 to CH 2, but now I lose the piano part while recording the bass or playing back. OK, I understand this must be becuase its only sending to CH 2....BUT then HOW DOES MIDI work?? I want the Logic Sequencer to send a bunch of commands to different sounds on the JV1080!!!!
Make sure that you're talking about <channel> one and two and not <port> one and two. Each port has 16 channels, but not all synths can play two ports, and the selection inside your software is different for these two options.
If you've got 2 ports you should be able to play 32 different channels. Try this:
Just create some MIDI inside your SW on multiple channels with different instrument patches and play it back. Do you get more than one channel playing on the JV1080?
Well, actually, someone I was talking to a little while ago said that it might have to do with me using the Performance Mode on the JV-1080....do you use a JV-1080 or anyone else out there use one? Cause I could use some help on the basics of setting up a Performance. Thanks for your help.
Whew, MIDI! Let's see ...

Okay, first, on your multi-timbral synth, just make sure it's in "MULTI" mode, not "POLY" or "OMNI". You would probably have to scroll through the windows on the LED readout on your keyboard to do this. If you can then go through each individual multi-timbral "part" and make sure they're set right, channels 1-16, do that. If this is your only instrument, you can use all sixteen MIDI channels. THEN, make sure, in "GLOBAL", that you're transmitting and receiving on one channel -- probably channel one. You'll still receive all sixteen channels of information.

At this point, you should be able to control everything else from your sequencer/computer. As long as your THRU is on in the sequencer, you should be able to set up, say "Track 1". Set the MIDI channel to 1. Select a piano patch (or whatever) via OMS or whatever patch manager is available in the sequencer. You should then be able to play your keyboard and hear that piano and record it. Then, go down and make Track Two. Set its MIDI channel to 2. Select your bass patch on the computer. Now, your keyboard should be able to play and record the bass patch. And Track One, set to Channel One, with the piano patch, should be playing every time you hit the "Play" or "record" buttons. You should be able to record the bass line right laong with the pre-recorded piano, etc., etc.

Hope this helped!
you have to get to the performance mode . per 12 or pr 8 works good for midi. from here you do not have to touch the 1080 anymore . use your seq. program to select the midi ch and sound and it should work. email me if anymore problems alan