MIDI routing assistance


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Using Sonar Platinum.
I made a MIDI channel and need for my Keyboard (M-Audio Keystation88) to use my Roland Sound Canvas SC-88.

I have the Keyboard Out going into my MOTU midi express 128 (MIDI IN 4). The SoundCanvas is in the 128 (Channel 2 In and Out).

In Sonar I have the OUTPUT (- 4-Express 128: Port 4) I do have communication because when I press a key the meters in Sonar rise. Just don't know on where to go after this.

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I suspect you figured this out already, but what I do is this:
1) create a MIDI track for the SoundCanvas. On it's inputs you should be able to select port and channel the Keystation is transmitting to : i.e., port 4, probably channel 1. If you cannot see hte keystation as availabel you will need to enable the Midi Express ports in the preferences/Midi devices tab.
Set the output of this track to port 2, channel 1.
Enable input monitoring for the track.
When obvious things don't work with MIDI the usual culprit is just MIDI channel numbers - I have an SK-88, doesn't;t get used much Any more, and trying to use it the other day was aa pain, until I remembered that when I had lots of hardware, the Roland was set to ch6 - because when I did use it, it shared a MIDI output with another device. Check yours isn't set to a specific MIDI channel that's a bit non-normal.