Midi problem


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I have a Yamaha keyboard and cannot get the instrument sounds to play in any Daw, eg Reaper. What do I need to do?

gecko zzed

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What you need to do:

1 Tell us what model Yamaha you are usng.

2 Describe how you have connected it to the computer.

My guess, though, is that you can select the keyboard as a mid input device in, say, Reaper, play the keybaord, but get no sound. If that's the case, it's most likely because there is nothing to generate the sound within the DAW. Midi of itself has no sound. It is just a set of instructions telling something else to lay a note at this time, at this pitchm anbd forthis duration. You would need to load up a 'something else' to hear anything. The something else could be a virtual instrument.


To get the Yammie's built-in sounds in your DAW, you need to send the audio output of the keyboard to your audio interface.