Midi mapping doesnt work with Reason rewire?????


New member
Hello, I have Reason rewired into Ableton 9.
It responds perfectly to notes played (keys), mod, pitch wheels and sust pedal, but I cant get it to map any knobs or buttons.within any Reason instrument.
For example, in this picture I got a Reason instrument (combinator 2) with some filter knobs wich I want to map to one of my midi controller knobs, but It wont let me. What I find weird is that Reason seems to indeed be getting a midi signal (see the little keyboard going green on the left) but no "control surface activity" is captured when I ask.

Mapping works fine when using Reason in standalone, it doesnt only when rewired into Ableton. It also works in Kontakt as an Ableton vst (I can map easily a library´s knob).
Heres my Ableton set and rewiring, any ideas?


Ill be waiting your answers, thanks in advance for your help! :D