Midi Keyboard being a little funky


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I have an old Yamaha PSR-273 midi-capable keyboard that I have been trying to hook up to my laptop via a midi to usb cable. The problem is that multiple programs ie Tracktion, Fl Studio, and Midi-ox, are all capable of detecting the controller, but none of the inputs are registered. I verified this in Midi-ox, which displayed no midi inputs for anything I tried to do on the keyboard. As well, to make things even weirder, when I switched the in/out leads going into the keyboard, Midi-ox was able to detect a few keystrokes but with a lot of lag and inconsistency.

So, I'm stuck. Any help is appreciated.

rob aylestone

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First concern is the 'MIDI to USB' cable - they're just the kind of thing you rarely see even advertised, and those that are often come from sources not shall we say, experienced in quality music gear. If one way around MIDI Ox detects data, then this is the correct way around. MIDI in and out often have no context in cables. Do it provide MIDI out, or is it a MIDI in, that goes into the MIDI out socket on a keyboard? See the problem. The lag and latency simply suggests your computer probably is using a generic driver, which can even be the driver designed for games controllers - MIDI is a data stream and years ago lots of people discovered you could read and write it using simple data chips. Nowadays, even the cheap audio interfaces have proper MIDI ports. I suspect this is your problem, and unless somebody has provided you with a proper, music specific driver for the cable, Windows has fallen back on the old generic driver. Have a look in device manager and see what driver it is using. I bet it's something old and ancient. Even on a Mac, there's a chance the cable has been misidentified.