Midi issues Roland JP-8080 with plugin and ESI M4u eX interface


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Hi all,

I'm having issues with my JP-8080 and the combination of an ESI M4U eX midi interface, and the JP-80x0 editor plugin from Mystery Islands.

I'll quickly explain how it's set up:
The JP's midi OUT goes into port 5 of the midi interface, and its midi IN goes into port 6. The midi setup (Edit -> 5) on the JP is correct; I triple checked.
The JP has a dedicated "remote keyboard" midi IN port, which goes into port 4 of the midi interface. My master keyboard is connected to my mac via usb. (I'm using Logic Pro).
The ESI midi interface has 8 autosensing input/output ports, and I have the feeling the JP-8080 doesn't like that very much.
The Mystery Islands plugin doesn't communicate with the synth *at all*. Inside the plugin I've set the midi OUT port to match the midi IN from the JP, and vice versa.

When I hook up the synth to the midi ports of e.g. a Focusrite Clarett 2Pre, I don't experience those particular problems. In that case, the plugin detects the synth,
and I can actually play it using the master keyboard. Also the editor/librarian functionalities seem to work fine.
However, there is still a major issue in this case: even when I'm not playing the keyboard, occasionally high pitched notes are being generated and I don't know why.
So either there's still something wrong with the cabling, or there's (still) something wrong with the setup of my DAW..

Also, for some strange reason also the midi ports of my Behringer UMC1820 don't seem to respond too well to the JP-8080 :( Same problem within the plugin: the synth
can't be found.

So in an ideal world, I should be using my main midi interface (the ESI M4U).. it's a bit silly to use a separate audio interface just for those 2 midi ports.
Any thoughts/ideas how I can make this work ..?