MIDI and guitar processors


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I have a couple of effects processors I use for my guitar and or overall mix. specifically the digitech GSP legend and the ART FXR elite. Now both of these machines have midi in out and through. My buddy just gave me a Yamaha FB-01 sound genorator to tinker with. Of course theres not a manual in the place so I am left to my wits. To the point, can I link any or all of these gizmos up in a fashion that me playing guitar can trigger the Yamaha? I am predisposed to say no. I pushed every button at least five times and hooked up wires galor... no damn helicopter. Any help?
I have never really used the same model processors that you are using but I have some that have midi I/O's also and typically what they are for is to transmit and recive presets and patches to and from a sequencer or computer and also for use with a foot controler. For what you are talking about doing, you would need to have a Roland midi pickup for your guitar or somthing along thoughs lines.
no no, thanks. I by far prefer a direct no as oppsed to trying to rewire the whole party just to get a helicopter sound overhead. The keyboard will be here in a week. I was just excited