MID/SIDE Question ?


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I have noticed that I can get some pretty interesting results using the MID/SIDE processing functions in my Izotope 5 Mastering Suite.

Mostly I notice a cleaner bass, and a cleaner stereo spread. It does make sense to get a bit more clarity by treating the middle and sides separately with some contrast.

My question is, how often is Mid/Side processing used in professional Mastering studios? and do you personally ever use it? What is your opinion of it?


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I think the mastering guys makes use of it often enough...as needed....though not sure how many use it all the time.
Depending how you set up your mix and panning....M/S will certainly let you deal with the center material differently than the side stuff.

I picked up a bunch of great plugs over the last few months from Plugin Alliance (I don't think they sell anything bad or half-assed), and I got number of mastering-focused plugs, especially the Brainworx stuff, and the offer M/S options on a few of them, on top of whatever else the plug does.
I only applied some at track/mix level at this point....but will soon be doing final mixes and my own mastering, so I am expecting to put them to use and to see some good results with them.



There once was a note

Brainworx is supposed to have some great M/S effects, one of the tutorials I watched was using them and highly recommended their plugs. It does seem to add a bit of nice separation to a Master.

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In the past, I've used mid/side eq maybe 5% of the time, if that, but I just picked up a new eq (Knif Soma) that has a matrix built in and makes it easy to solo m or s (you can also change the gain on m or s to alter width) and also switch back to conventional L/R eq. .. so I've been leaning into using m/s a bit more. If you're not used to working with mid side, I think it's easier to screw things up., but after a while it's just another way of going about eqing that has it's pluses (+'s).
I know of some ME's that use m/s all the time and some that use it seldom,.. just comes down to someones preferred work flow.


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I've never used M/S on iZotope, but I frequently use the Brainworx DigitalV2 mastering EQ which is M/S.

I don't always use the M/S function on it, but for mixes that are very compressed, it's a life saver! But, it is one of my fave EQs :)