Mics for Gongs, Tibetan Bowls, Rainsticks, Shamanic Drums...


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What mics have a nice low frequency response but aren't too harsh in the highs, that would respond well to the aforementioned 'ethnic' instruments?

The only mic I currently own is a rode nt1a - it's probably sufficient but I feel it's best suited for vocals and acoustic guitars?

Budget between $100-200

What about just a classic sm57?
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You NT1a is fine for what you want to do - you could also get a pair of Lewitt LCT-140s or Rode M5 - buy used and you could definitely get under $150 for either pair - or a couple of used MXL 603as for about $120 - or even the Behringer B-5 SDCs - Spaced pair would capture all of your instruments.
Your NT1 is a pretty capable mic. Those instruments are a wide range of frequencies and some have substantial transients, so almost any full range condenser will be great. Especially as almost certainly you’ll have to EQ them to make them sit in a mix.
I have found that my most inexpensive mic's do a good job of recording percussion instruments which are the lowly AT2020. I have two of them and use both for recording things like moroccas and Shakers in stereo. They are a medium diameter condenser and handle higher SPLs than other condenser mic's. As usual, mic placement is very important.
I recorded a steel tongued drum about a year ago using a WA14 - and was not super happy with the results. I've got other options to try but haven't gotten around to it yet.