Mics for drum kit...


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I need advice on good cheap mics for my overheads...(AKG C1000s...Rode NT1....) and a good mic for the kick... I was told I would need a condenser mic for the kick...I dont know why...
Also I would like to be able to use the overhead mics as vocal mics. AKG...Rode... is there an $80 difference between the two?
When I mike individual drums, I usually use small diaphram condesers for drum overheads in order to pick-up mostly the cymbals. But if I want a more open sound and want to pick-up the entire kit, I use large diaphram condensers. I use AKG c1000s and Neumann 103s. For bass drum, I use an AKG D112 for more attack in dead rooms and a Audio Technica ATM25 for more "ummph" in a live room; both which are dynamics. I also have used an Electro Voice EV20 and it's one of the best for bass drum. A lot of people have been using PZMs or omni-pattern mikes for bass drum lately, and have been getting great results. If you're so enclined to use a condenser I would recommend a Neumann U47fet. They are superb, but a lot of us could find places to put money else-where.
I use the Rode NT1 as an overhead for drums...and it's great. We got it specificly for vocals, and it's excellent for accoustic guitars also! So basicly you get alot for the money, and if I could afford it I'd get
several more of them.

(I always have used Dynamic mikes on the kick and snare). But anything is worth a try!

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