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ok i'm looking for a firts mic that primarily records vocals. i'm on a budget but want good sound--not one that compensates or anything, just a good, warm sound. i've heard the SM58 is a good choice under $100. but my question is, is it worth going even MORE expensive; after all i'm told the mic quality is the number one factor. (by the way, i use a tascam 424)

I have used Shure 58's for recording and live sound for a long time and they are a reliable mike. I have even seen them used in some decent quality studios. You mention you are recording on a Tascam and on a budget, so I would say the 58 would be a good choice in this situation. If and when you upgrade your studio, I would then look at purchasing a second more expensive mike. You will always find a use for a 58.
I agree with the statement above. SM 58 is a good all purpose mike with many applications.We use them live and in the studio.But if your willing to spend a little more the Equitek CAD mikes (E-100-200) have proven to us that they are good mikes for the money.

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Hey Stephensolo:

I have a couple of Peavey mics that fall within your price range and they do a good job.

Of course when I got my AKG 3000, I don't use the Peaveys too often; but they are nice to have as backup in the studio.

I've noticed many dealers are dealing mics; check all the 800 numbers before you plunk down your cash.

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