Mic Mod Challenge


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I just finished modding a microphone. The sole change was replacing a tantalum capsule coupling capacitor with a mylar film cap of approximately the same value (I think).

Your mission:

1. Identify the make and model of microphone.
2. Determine which one is the modded mic and which one is stock.

Clip 1
Clip 2
#1 is unmodded
#2 is modded

Make and model? jeez. Make is MXL. I'd just be guessing at the model - how about 2003?
If I choose to accept the mission, will the microphone blow up when I'm finished listening??????......

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Clip 1 is better than Clip 2 hands down. Hope this helps in your modding quest!
Neither sound great so I'm assuming it's an MXL. LOL

My guess is that you got the MXL studio package. The first mic is the 990 or the 992. It's definitely a large capsule judging by the popping of the p's.

Sample 1 is thin and sibilant. Un-modded
Sample 2 has a bit of depth and less artificially eqed. Modded

The second mic is the 603. Definitely small capsule.

Sample 3 is small and noisy. Un-modded
Sample 4 is midrangy but less hissy. Modded
My guess is it's an MXL 2001 and 603 package. The 2003 doesn't use ceramic or tant caps on the newer ones.

1 is the unmodded 2001.
2 is the modded 2001. The sibilance is tamed a bit and the body is stronger.

3 is unmodded 603
4 is modded 603, same reasons as above.

You need to do more to those mics than just the bypass cap to make them useful. Still, it's an improvement.
Okay. Now to reveal what the mics were.

Mic 1: Apex 435 (32mm Chinese LDC, $35 on eBay)
Sample 1: mylar film cap
Sample 2: stock tantalum cap

Mic 2: Nady CM90 (20mm Chinese SDC, $50 each, MF)
Sample 3: stock tantalum cap
Sample 4: mylar film cap

The folks identifying the SDC as a MXL 603 were probably pretty close; I have a feeling they are probably roughly the same mic, just rebadged....