Message on A Wave (Synthwave, Ambient)


Hey guys, I wanted you opinion on this synth piece I created - the aim was to have a repetitive background motif with a bunch of stuff slowly weaving in and out over the top of it. I chose to mainly focus on using just the one synth for this - Arturia's CMI V, though I also used a guitar + drum machine.

Message On A Wave


Hat STYLE. Not contents.
Seems like a fun exercise, but not something I'd listen to regularly. 5 minutes of the same 6-note pattern is kinda tedious


Yeah the concept does sound kinda tedious - the idea was to somehow maintain interest regardless - maybe I failed but it was a fun exercise anyway
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I like this type of music a lot and I did enjoy listening to this track. Some variations towards the middle and end of the track would have been great though...maybe a vibe like the song "is there love in space" by Joe Satriani would fit this song?