Merry Christmas to me: Neumann TLM49 & UA Solo 610 Tube Preamp combo----thoughts?


Spur of the moment purchase. I am an impulse buyer, & made the decision in less than 24 hours. Budget was $2700....Merry Christmas to me

Mainly for VOX, but I also have a couple of Acoustic Guitars I record....The amazing thing is I am a vocalist first, & I have been using a $299 mic for 6 years.....Moving up from an Audio Technica 4040 with no preamp.......

Thoughts anyone?

Neumann TLM49 Neumann TLM49 Cardioid Condenser Mic | zZounds

Universal Audio Solo 610 Tube PreampUniversal Audio Solo/610 Microphone Preamp | zZounds
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interesting combo k47 capsule and the old 610 vibe tube.
i think I would have to at least get a LA610...I could easily go used on the preamp stuff. 6176 would be cool. or a separate unit later on with the 610 which then might be better than the combo-design. the original LA610 have the preamp, comp and the Pultman 6db eq....used $849.

I get really nervous buying used mics and capsules people might swap out with chineese versions before selling, skeptic I guess.
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I was hoping to get some updates is it after some recording time?:eatpopcorn:

for me mics and preamps is a magical combo or not so magical...