me and bobbie mcgee


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Has sort of an irresistible charm about it, doesn't it?

Hard to critique this one. . . you could bring the vocal forward, add some effects, all that stuff, but I kind of just like this. Maybe someone else can help, sorry to be useless haha


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I guess I'm just trying to figure out if I can even sing....trying it out on you fine folks first. Thanks for any thoughts...
Hi Bluesguy,
Welcome and thanks for sharing.

What sort of critique are you looking for? I ask because this sounds like a straight up dry/live recording. Is there any processing or mixing here?
Maybe you're just looking for performance critique?

I enjoyed listening to you, for what it's worth. :)


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I guess I'm just looking for a straight "singing ability" opinion. I don't know anything about effects/mixing. Someone suggested that I post here because this section was pretty active. Again, really just trying to get feedback on any singing ability that may or may not be present. thx


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Your version sounds like it could fit in with the old Coen brothers movie, Oh Brother... (that would be a compliment!! :D)

Everybody can sing. If you can't do what you want, then practice at it. Singing is just like anything else in that regard. My wife said she never had a musical bone in her body, yet she started violin lessons and did okay with it.


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Your voice has an interesting timbre and sound. I think there's a lot to be learned to improve the sound, dynamics, etc which a decent voice instructor could help with, if you wanted to move from a 'talking' style to singing. Just my $.02


cant fault your performances (i listened to 3 twice each) 6:30am here and your music fits the bill perfectly :)

playings great,vocals are great,performance great :)

the recordings are good enough to get your point across .. could carry on as you are enjoying what your doing,dunno but i think you`ll lose some of the intimacy if you started worrying about a better recording interface then mic placement,EQ,room e.t.c (after all,your not making this for cork sniffing home recording guys)

i would suggest that you get a hold of *free* Audacity Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

with that make the volume between tracks the same,and cut the noise off the beginnings and ends of your tracks (and make sure they don't clip)


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Cohen Bros "Oh Brother" of my favorite movies so, that is indeed a compliment. I appreciate everyone's time. My goals are no to lofty...I just want to be able sing decent around the campfire. I think I have made some improvement but I also recognize there is room for more.