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I'd imagine this might get moved to a different section --

Sort of depends on what you prefer. For me, the Samplitude / Sequoia family are the stuff. Others prefer WaveLab or something along those lines. I use Samplitude for the object-based editing factor (along with the normal sort of mastering must-haves like assembly, DDP export, RedBook authoring, etc.). I'm sort of based in hardware, but the stock plugs in Samplitude are quite good if you're working digitally.


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(OK, since this thread's still here) I set up a Cubase template as described in Sound On Sound magazine for my first attempt at home mastering. Pleased with the result. Could adapt the principle to any sequencer.
I can't post links yet but search Cubase Multiband Mastering Template on the magazine's website.

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At risk of sounding like "old guy" here -- Still trying to figure out the fascination with maul-the-band compression during mastering. ESPECIALLY "self-mastering" where I can't even imagine using it.

There's sort of a weird conflict with using MBC in mastering -- On one hand, I'd never suggest that someone used it unless they really had quite a bit of experience. On the other hand, those with quite a bit of experience will do everything they can to avoid ever using it.

DISCLAIMER: I *do* know a colleague or two that use MBC with some regularity but in an almost unbelievably subtle and transparent way - and far more that use dynamic EQ as somewhat similar in concept but arguably far less damaging and invasive to the source. But that's for another thread.

Most of the time, it's a "band-aid for a broken leg" type tool that's pulled out as a last resort for mixes that are otherwise so screwed up that they need major surgery and no remix is possible. Or as a crossover network for a PA system (which is really what is was originally designed for anyway). I keep reading "mastering engineer's secret weapon" and in a way, that's correct. It's a weapon that's used when you're fighting hard with a mix that isn't behaving. Not something typically used on a good recording and certainly nothing you'd ever use on your own mixes (because why wouldn't you go back and fix that issue in the mix instead?).

Anyway, sorry - I tend to rant and ramble. MBC is a sore spot with a lot of ME's. Like using a cannon to swat a fly.