Mastering ( the final product )


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I just finished a mix on my computer, and was woundering if I use STEINBERG Mastering Edition, would it make it sound like the pro's CD's. IF any one out there knows could you please let me know? Or give me some tip's on geting that warm sound and fell on my home recordings.
Throughout this site, Dragon emphasises the importants of mastering done by the pro's to sound like the pro's. I think he hit the nail on the head pretty well there, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it yourself; that's how you learn! You should be able to do some pretty goo quality mastering, but the most noticeable thing will be that your recording level will be quieter than the pro's.
Hey, Thank's for the reply. I just got a E-mail from AEROMIX MASTERING that said they would master part of one song for free. I think I would use that as a base for my mastering venture, and try to make some of my other mixs sound the same. I know I have more time then money to do it.

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Just to clarify...

I personally think that if people are doing home recording for fun or for their own enjoyment or even for their band (because their band doesn't have the bux for a "real" studio) that they should indeed master things themselves. The learning will be worth it. But if at all possible, you should try having a pro master a single track...and if you're blown away by what they do, only you can decide whether the money is worth it.

Now if you're trying to do a demo for a "real" record company or break into the major leagues or think you have a shot at the national market because you are really that good, don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish...after spending thousands of $$ on recording equipment and countless hours in the studio mixing, let a pro tweak the final mix and you'll never be wondering if you coulda just made it if only...
Thanks Dragon for your concern, and yes I agree totally on your advice. But I just started to record on my computer about 8 months now and only do it for fun. I hope when I am done with my project that I could sell it to some friends and family members, to make back some of what I spent. In the future my goal is to make a little money out helping others record (if I get good enough..)