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Hi there,

I have a question regarding the mastering of a message for a telephone system: I have mixed some tracks of voice and music which I now want to use for an IVR. Even though those tracks are perfectly mixed and sound great on my studio setup, the do sound awful once I insert them into the mentioned IVR-System: Clipping and hissing, too loud and just not pleasant at all.
I am using Adobe Audition and I feel a bit stranded. What should I do to the recording so that it sounds clear and nice on a tiny phone speaker.

Any help is very much appreciated!



rob aylestone

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Drop the level, filter off everything below 300Hz on a fast dropping curve and remove anything much above 6K. Clipping means too high, hissing means too low both mean something weird is going on.


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Thanks, Rob. I tried this but it seems like my result still does not sound like "blue chip company message". Something is missing. How would you export the file? I read that some systems would only support 8000 hz, 16-bit?


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Typically telephone systems were actually limited to 300-3400Hz. There are a variety of VoIP systems that have higher bandwidth, but those are special codec/bandwidth systems (wideband audio). As for how to export the file, that would depend on the IVR system you are using.

You may need to be compressing the audio as well to keep things at a constant level.