MASTERING for Spotify?? (Loudness)


I have an issue with Mastering for Spotify so that it won't turn the volume down on their platform.

The problem with my track is that if I set the true peak at -1 and set the Limiter Threshold so that the track won't exceed -14 LUFS integrated (as suggested on Spotify website) , it will sound too freaking QUIET!!!

I did a low version then when I upload it on it shows me thet Spotify won't decrease my volume, so fine right? no indeed cause it's too quiet comparing to those artists song on spotify!

Then I did another one higher in volume, and on it shows me thet Spotify will decrease the volume of -6 db! So too loud right?

But when I listen to the other tracks on spotify (different songs) comparing them with this version it sounds like the same volume!!

SO How come?? This doesn't make any sense to me honestly.
Do you have a compressor on the master track, preferably a multiband compressor, so you can tighten up different areas as needed. Bass frequencies and drums can affect the overall levels pretty dramatically.