Master too Loud? (Youlean Meter)


Hi Guys!
One question, I have a reference Mogwai song I have downloaded in flac format, so quite high definition.
When I analyze the song in the youlean meter it seems that is clipping, also if I upload the track on
to see how much would be reduced in volume uploading the song in the different online streaming platfoms, it says it would be reduced like -8 for spotify and youtube.
So after that, I have listened to the song in the Mogwai spotify profile and compared it with the one I have in local in high definition by just listening to them and to my ears the volume is exactly the same!
So it seems that spotify didn't really turned down the volume.
Am I missing something here?
What should I do? of course I would like my song to sound higher in volume, like the Mogwai one, but then it would be turned down in spotify, even if would be, is that ok? Or should I have 2 master versions one for the CD, Vinyl and local WAV file and another for Spotify which would be lower?
Is there a standard volume I should refer to?
The easy answer is to bring your mixes to the level that best serves the mixes (especially important for vinyl and high-res versions anyway) and use those for streaming services.

And then if you need a "crushed" version for CD (let's be honest here, we're crushing stuff to be louder. It doesn't sound good, but we're doing it anyway because artists and labels are in a pissing contest with each other that the end-listener has no interest in whatsoever), then go for it.

As far as a "standard" volume, it doesn't exist. But I'd argue (as I have for about 30 years now and the streaming services are seemingly catching on) that the typical rock / pop mix is going to gain "punch" and "energy" and "impact" and such up to about -15 to -14dB(fs)RMS and then very quickly lose it above that.
Make as many mixes as formats you are releasing the song too. Spotify is difficult - I wouldn't necessarily mix that downward as much as find whats peaking and limit that element. iTunes and YouTube you can push it harder. TikTok you have to get this balance between crushing and gentle - it's really difficult to judge.