Marilyn Susan: Destroyer of Worlds


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Hey man, I'm curious to what used to record this with? I think your mix could go by a lot by just improving your source tones.


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This would have been mostly on my FW-1804 before it fried.

The percussion is a combination of Audio Assault's westwood drumkit, various found sounds, and a Dragonball Z soundboard.
Vox are via Sampson S-12
Guits and bass are various combinations of DI and sm-57


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Hey Steve! How goes it? I haven't been around in a while.

I have no problems with the tones at all really, thing they're quite fitting. Clean recording, some parts it seems like the lead vocals could be a tiny bit more upfront, but still works as it is. Cool ending lol, I like how the music stops just before the last word. Bass is pretty big once the song gets going, but that works as well. Nice job, your recordings are always nice and clean, yet gritty when they need to be.


Hat STYLE. Not contents.
Thanks, Johnny!

There's an updated mix in the OP.
Some de-essing on the vox.
Lowered vox through the first chorus
Tweaked the bass tone after it kicks off for clarity.