Maplin Mixer BX810 Manual PLEASE !!


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Hi I cannot for the life of me find my way around the Maplin 810 mixer (think it's an age thing) and need the 'map' rather urgently. I am willing to pay for the manual original or copy or find where I can buy it, looked on line 'nothing'. PLEASE I'm getting desperate as I have gigs coming in the next few weeks and need to use it as my main amp, my lovely old Marshall has decided to throw its legs up.

If you can help Love Ya. P.
I couldn't find anything on it either, just a couple of fragmented schematics.

I did find some good pics on Reverb & eBay.. it looks fairly straight forward, not a lot of switching involved. I think the RCA outputs on the rear may be the most complicated part of inserting this into a sound system.

Are you planning to use this as a stage PA mixing board feeding large speakers?

Do you know if this has it's own internal amplifier, or will it require external amping? And will those RCA jacks do the job. I think that's what I'd tackle first - just hook some stuff up and see where it takes you.

I don't have the answers.
Ah thank you Spantini great to have a reply.

To put you in the picture I am a sax player and used my Marshall but now defunk and was “given” the Maplin. I did not need a mixer with the Marshall the output was adequate for all gigs. the output of the Maplin 50w should be more than adequate for the situation but unfortunately a little pathetic bearfoot so thought the mixer would do the job.

I am beginning to think the 510 has seen better days too however the meters show audio but somewhere in the mix somethings missing. Must say not tried the RCA’s will try when I’m back home thanks for the thought.

Really pleased to have your input. P.

I referred to the Maplin being 50 watts op oh dear of course not that should have said “amplifier”.

Did say it was an age thing and I’m correct but BIG excuse I am in my 80’s yes really. P.