Manslick : Why'd the pizza guy have to die?


Tis another take on the pizza guy theme.

Mix comments welcome as always.

New mix added 20-Mar-21

it was snowing like all get out
all i had to eat was sauerkraut
i really wanted pizza
i really wanted pizza

i had to go to the office
to finish up a big fuss
the boss said he'd get pizza
the boss said he'd get pizza

at the ria the guy was busy
the orders came in a spree
the pizza guy was haggard
the snow made the way blurred

a dozen pizzas in the car
but he did not have to go too far
the road was slick and tilted
and his car made a big thud

why'd the pizza guy have to die
they could of sent a drone out to fly
but the snow was too thick to do that
so now the pizza guy is splat

there was blood and red sauce on his face
sausage bits all over the place
a piece of peperoni on his eye
why'd the pizza guy have to die?


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Hi Robert,
Sounds great as always, a more Indie Folk type thing here, a bit different from you than usual. What I hear, is the Drums sound too upfront and mechanical for this type of song it needs a more a natural sounding drum track and I would like to hear a more complicated hi-hat part, like would b played by a real drummer. Just my thoughts. I love the guitars and bass. Good to hear you.


Thanks for the spin PDP.
Yea I was auditioning 130 BPM country loops yesterday, looking for something better.
Of course I will search forever.
Maybe I'll try playing something (Nooooooo! screams the gang LOL)


New member

I agree with Pete on this, it's the drums that are sticking out a bit - the guitars, bass and vocals sound great!

With the drums they're just too dry; they're not sitting in with the mix. The sounds are ok I think for the most part, they just need that bit more reverb. I must say though I don't like the kick sound at all, what is it you're using for your drums?

I'd suggest swinging the cymbals, and depending how much emphasis goes on that you might be able to make the kick drum straight quarter notes and a lot softer (almost like feathering).

Nice track overall! Good vibe.



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I like the song. I agree that the drums sound too mechanical and don't sit right in the mix. I don't know, that may be the drum sound you were going for.

Brushes on a snare would sound really good on this. I think the rest of the mix is good.