Making quality cables


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I plan on making some patch cables and 8x8 snakes, maybe a couple of mic cords. I'll be
using neutrik connectors making a mix of TRS to TRS, TRS to XLR,XLR(M) to XLR(F).
While I'm sure about the connectors, I'm not sure about the cable I want to use. I want low contact resistance and low capacitance cable, but can anyone recommend a brand and specification that can be bought in a 100' roll ? Thanks.

PA Picker-- this has nothing to do with your question (sorry), but I had a dream the other night, and your name was on a license plate (New Hampshire plates, though, not PA). Kinda weird, but I thought I'd let you know....STAY OUT OF MY DREAMS!! good luck with your cables :)
Canare, Mogami and Monster, are the popular ones. Not sure what footage per role they come in but they are well suited for what your doing. They all come in different grades and prices per foot.