making an echoplex out of a tape machine


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ok. i heard that it was possible to make an echoplex like effect by adding a play head to a tape machine. does anyone know how to do this? please please please email me in private if you have any information on this.

We used to set up a sound on sound tape deck to function similar to an echoplex. No modifications are necessary. Why do you want to make an echoplex out of a tape deck? I guess I'll email you but I don't know how private it will be.

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This procedure can only be done on tape recorders that have an individual record head and play head, and allow monitoring of play back. Since the play head is an inch or so away from the record head, there is a split second time delay between the recording signal and the monitored signal from the play head.

What type of recorder do you have, and are you willing to modify (mess it up)by changing the distance between the heads?
The farther away you move the play head, the longer the delay.


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