Lowering a Key in audition


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Hey everyone.

I'm still running my trusty Audition 1.5 and what i'm trying to do is lower the key to an accompaniment track. Now i do see where you can do it but it stretches the track time/temp and i don't want that. I had an older program a few years ago that would let me lower the key without messing with the tempo. Any help or is there some sort of stand alone program i could use.
You can easily change the key of a track without changing the tempo. I think it's the stretch function: the window that comes up asks if you want to change key + tempo or one of the other. I have successfully changed the key of recordings to make them easier to play (D# to E, for example, or G# to G).

As long as you're not making a big change, it'll sound OK.
THanks so much...i will check the strech function when i get home. I knew it was something..i think i was using "pitch bender" and that just messed it up
If it a single mixed track then nothing can do what you want. Normally this sort of effect would be applied before you mix something.
Excuse me for your info that does not work as it interfers with the vocal by bringing the actual voice higher or lower with the key change:facepalm:

I reckon, at a rough guess, that sgpianoman will have sorted out something by now, seeing as you are responding to a thread that's eight years old.

I think you have won this week's necropost award.