Low mic level


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Running an AKG c1000s mic thru a preamp into an Aark sound card. When recording my guitar this way the signal is good but the mics produce a very soft volume. Any ideas as to what is going on? Does balanced or unbalanced cables make a difference?
Thanks for any help
As I'm interested in both of the products you mentioned, I'll ask about the one you didn't.
What pre-amp did you use?
Could you be attenuating the signal somehow and not know it? Often times, mics will require a good boost from a preamp. If you don't need a mixer, buy something like the ART Tube Preamp or other (the ART unit is only about $100).
Hey Eric:

Why don't you just run your guitar cable right into your mic-pre amp? [This will give a nice warm sound if your pre-amp is a good one.] Then, run an out cable from the pre-amp right into your hard disc recorder and balance the input via volume control.

Also, some guitar amps have an in/out circut or buss and it bypasses the speaker but uses the amp for sound.

I always run my synthesizer directly into either my recording unit or the mic-pre amp.

I believe you will be able to get much better mixes doing this rather than micing your amp's speaker.

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