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In our control room we have to mix by guessing alot at where the low end should be. The low end sounds fine in the control room but once we put it to CD and play it on another system, the low end is over welming. We have learned to use the RTA when going to DAT which has made it a little easier.I guess my questions are how do we get the sound thats coming out of the monitors to be the sound that is actually being recorded on tape without depending on the RTA.And should we be rolling off anything less than 100Hz when recording DAT's to prevent too much low end.We've managed to get a good sound only with exensive trial and error which is wasting time.HELP

Oh boy! Welcome to the wonderful world of studio monitoring!!! Well Bill, as an initiation to out club, I will offer all the things that you will not want to hear.

I have never ever ever been to a studio that has monitors that sound like a home stereo system does in the low end. Good thing too, since home stereo's tend to blow the low end up a bit as a rule. It is what the consumer wants. Oh well.

So that is something to keep in mind.

Now let me ask you a few questions.Are you familiar with the Fletcher/Munson Relative Loudness curves? If not, study them today!

What kind of studio monitors are you using?
How far away are you sitting from them?
How big is your control room?
What kind of acoustical treatment has been done to that control room?
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Let's discuss this stuff. All of those questions have a bearing on your studio monitoring obviously.
Oh and by the way, even in the big boy studio around the world, the engineers are running out to their cars and listening to the mixes. You could try putting a pair of 6X9's in you control room too..... :)
Thanks for the reply. Im going to read up on the Fletcher/Munson theory. Were using DRS reference monitors with a Crown power amp.I think theres about five feet between the monitors and the same for each to the monitors forming an equal triangle. The room is 10'x 12'.The walls are carpeted and floor.1/2 the ceiling is still sheet rock exposed. There is acoustical tile squaring off the corners of the room which may be the problem we were thinking.That should give you a good idea.What were having to do is run to a regular stereo and compare our mixes to others to make sure that we're in the ball park.If were in the ball park, minor frequency adjustments, we take care of in the mastering.Anyway, chew on that, looking forward to hearing from you.