low brains


the silence comes
it can not stand
thought runs
to a grey light land

where creatures hide
their features snide
all corners smoothed
till quiet broods

this is my home
where my low brains roam
a place where it all makes no sense
for if it did id kill me

grey figures trod like ghosts on work
they make no sound or show façade
i know they know where i smugly lurk
i know they are the edible cod

i could devour them like a nike
the chase would be a hoot
and pick my teeth with a pointed psyche
till i shit them out my toot

way up above my quietness
a rock mass takes a stroll
i try to change my new address
i'm tagged to be the troll
and so the mass puts out my light
and i fade into the dust
where creatures hide
and futures slide
like mud into the sea

the ones who once thought i was cool
and gave me groovy gifts
are way long gone like a rusted tool
i wait to join those stoic stiffs

i want to be a solid rock
a piece of mother earth
who thinks not with his jolly cock
but knows what he is worth