Lots and lots of drum software audio examples.


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Superior Drummer 2.0 and it's SDX libraries (if it's in this post it's superior related)

Loren Littlejohn's (guitargodgt) hybrid TMF (overheads)/Avatar (snare)/Music City (kick and toms) preset kit:


Liquorworks presets:

The Metal Foundry.mp3

Ola Englund's preset (avatar kit):

Ola Englund.mp3

Andy Sneap The Metal Foundry SDX preset examples:

Alaska Preset.mp3
Atrocity Preset.mp3
Deutsche Ballade Preset.mp3
Legacy Preset.mp3
Teutonic Preset.mp3

Michael Keene The Metal Foundry SDX preset examples:

Death Metal Preset.mp3
Low And Fat Preset.mp3
Over The Top preset.mp3
Prog Metal preset.mp3
Stoney preset.mp3

Steven Slate Superior 2.0 presets (Avatar Kit):

Cracky Funky Rock.mp3
Fat Metal.mp3
Fat Rock.mp3
Lively Rock.mp3
Punchy Rock.mp3
Radio Rock.mp3
Basic Rock.mp3

Bulb's Superior Avatar kit presets:

Big and Open.mp3
Elegant Rock.mp3
Mini Kit.mp3
Old School.mp3
Tight and Clicky.mp3

Ulrich Wild Metal Foundry Presets

Children of Ancient Goth.mp3
Granite Quarry Nexus.mp3
Alpine Bliss.mp3
Mortem Horologium.mp3
Wasser Wut.mp3

Superior Drummer 2.0 Avatar Kit:

Avatar dry.mp3
Natural Avatar preset.mp3
Avatar with close mics turned on.mp3
Avatar with far room mics on.mp3

The Metal Foundry SDX (superior drummer expansion):

The Metal Foundry default kit dry.mp3
The Metal Foundry default kit close room mic on.mp3
The Metal Foundry default kit with far room mics on.mp3
The Metal Foundry default kit with chamber turned on.mp3

NY Vol 2 SDX (superior drummer expansion):

Allair default dry.mp3
Allaire with close room mic on.mp3
Allaire with mid room mic on.mp3
Allaire with far room mic on.mp3
Allaire with bullet mic on.mp3

Hit Factory dry.mp3
Hit Factory mid room mic on.mp3
Hit Factory mid fx mic turned on.mp3
Hit Factory Sony mic in turned on.mp3
Hit Factory far room mic turned on.mp3
Hit Factory far fx mic on.mp3
Hit Factory sm57 out mic on.mp3
Hit Factory Sansamp track on.mp3

Music City SDX (superior drummer add on):

Default dry.mp3
Close room mics on.mp3
Mid Room mics on.mp3
Cieling room mics on.mp3

Joe Barresi Evil Drums SDX (superior drummer add on):

**None of these examples have any processing from the daw or superior on them

Evil Gretch Natural Blonde Maple Kit.mp3
Evil Ludwig Psychedelic Swirl Red Kit.mp3
Evil Ludwig Vistalite Kit.mp3
Evil Pork Pie Camo Kit.mp3
Evil Pork Pie Tobacco Satin Kit with Black Beauty Snare.mp3
Evil Tama Gretch DW Kit.mp3

---------- Update ----------

XLN Audio Addictive Drums

Clean DW Kit.mp3
Clean Sonar Kit.mp3
Clean Tama Kit.mp3
Metal Kit Preset.mp3
Punchy Rock Preset.mp3

Metal AD Pack:
Dry Kit no processing.mp3
Fuge Edge Metal Preset.mp3
In Flames Dry Metal Preset.mp3
Morten Meltdown Preset.mp3
Petri Tuulik Tight Hard Metal Preset.mp3
XLN Audio Sharp Metal Preset.mp3

Native Instruments Studio Drummer

Garage Kit full.mp3
Session Kit full.mp3
Stadium Kit full.mp3

Native Instruments Abbey Roads 60s drums

Early Kit.mp3
Late Kit.mp3


Artist CL Denim preset.mp3
Dry 70s Kit preset.mp3
Dry DW kit.mp3
Artist JM Dry Kit Medium Room preset.mp3
Artist JM Thrash Metal preset.mp3
Metal 01 preset.mp3
Metal 02 preset.mp3
Artist ML Weighty preset.mp3
Processed Blues 02 preset.mp3
Artist RW DW Rock Extreme preset.mp3
Artist RW Pork Pie Hard preset.mp3
Artist SC Cobby Tight preset.mp3

Various other drum examples:

Drumcore 3 free.mp3
East West Drumkit from Hell 2 "metal all preset".mp3
Groove Agent one "Hard Rock KitCD".mp3
Groove Agent one "maple KitCD".mp3
Halion one "Rock Standard Kit1".mp3
Halion one "Rock Standard Kit2.mp3
Reason NN-XT Pop drumkit.mp3
Reason NN-XT Rock drumkit.mp3
Digidesign Structure free "studio drums" preset.mp3
Digidesign Xpand2!.mp3

---------- Update ----------

EZ drummer and EZX libraries (everything in this post is EZ drummer stuff)

Default Rock kit dry.mp3
Default Rock kit with room mic on.mp3
Claustrophobic EZX dry.mp3
Claustrophobic EZX room mic on.mp3
Claustrophobic EZX with room and distortion on.mp3
Cocktail EZX.mp3
Drumkit From Hell EZX dry.mp3
Drumkit From Hell EZX with room mic.mp3
Drumkit from hell EZX with room and compmix on.mp3
Funkmaster Clyde EZX dry.mp3
Funkmaster Clyde EZX with room.mp3
Funkmaster Clyde EZX with room and plate on.mp3
Funkmaster Jab'O EZX dry.mp3
Funkmaster Jab'O EZX with room on.mp3
Funkmaster Jab'O EZX with room and plate on.mp3
Nashville EZX dry.mp3
Nashville EZX with room on.mp3
Nashville EZX with room and comproom on.mp3
Twisted EZX dry.mp3
Twisted EZX everything on.mp3
Vintage Rock EZX dry.mp3
Vintage Rock EZX with room mic on.mp3
Vintage Rock EZX with room and comproom on.mp3
Thank you Wolfeman for the Metalheads EZX examples:
Metalhead default dry.mp3
Metalhead default room.mp3
Metalheads Haake dry.mp3
Metalheads Haake room.mp3
Thank you Burny for the Metal Machine EZX examples!
Metal Machine Ludwig default.mp3
Metal Machine Ludwig no reverb.mp3
Metal Machine Ludwig no room or reverb.mp3
Metal Machine Tama default.mp3
Metal Machine Tama no reverb.mp3
Metal Machine Tama no reverb or room.mp3

Rock Solid Default EZX.mp3
Rock Solid Ayotte alt Kit EZX.mp3
Rock Solid Gretsch kit EZX.mp3
Rock Solid Dunnett Ludwig EZX.mp3

Nolly's presets for Metal Machine (you have to run metal machine inside superior drummer, but it's going here since it's an EZX library)

Hybrid kit preset.mp3
Big Small kit preset.mp3
Jam Room preset.mp3
Natural Power preset.mp3
Tight & Punchy preset.mp3
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I have K9U so I have more native instruments examples to do, but this is a good start. :)

And to answer the inevitable question: Yes I do indeed own most of this software (others were credited for the contribution if I didn't).


What the fucking fuck!?!?!?!?!

That's a whole lot of links! Cool post though. I despise fake drums, but kudos to you for your time and dedication. Someone will find this helpful.


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To be honest I have been moving away from using them myself.

I actually posted this sucker a few years ago as I thought it would help people make their decision.


To be honest I have been moving away from using them myself.

I actually posted this sucker a few years ago as I thought it would help people make their decision.

I still have some of the reverb impulse files you made a while back. I use them every now and then. Got any more?


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Sadly no.

I honestly wish they were not such a PIA to make. I need a better setup to make them.

I hauled so much crap to make those things, you have to have the sine sweep fairly loud especially in larger rooms.

I know you can make them by using a simple wood clapper/popping a balloon/cap gun but I think the sine sweep does a better job.

I may try to do some throughout my house as that would be easy to do. I have vaulted cielings in my living room and the floor plan is open so that could be neat sounding (or terrible who knows).

But I need the house to myself when I go about doing that. :)


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Well yeah let me clarify.

Many of the presets you see are sold by toontrack (for superior) so I did indeed do examples of them, with the exception of the one I did, ola englund and liquirworks. I only included them because I thought they sounded pretty good.

BUT there are kits above that are untouched such as the avatar kits and all the SDX expansions. EZ drummer didn't have presets at the time I posted this, which reminds me I need to add ez drummer 2's default kits.

All of the XLN audio samples are the raw kits.

All of the native instruments kits are raw as well.

Hopefully that helps.

Steven slate drums are not presets, those are the names of the kits as they load, the raw samples actually sound like that. You could mix and match though, say take the metallica (black) kick and combine it with the Pantera snare etc... but at that point you are talking endless examples just to show the point.


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Anyhow if anyone wants my input my favorites are the fallowing:

1. Superior's default avatar kit (comes with superior drummer 2)
2. Music City SDX (an add on kit for superior)
3. Metal Machine EZX (it's an add on for ez drummer)
4. Nasheville EZX (it's an add on for ez drummer)
5. The default EZ drummer 2 modern library... they improved it a lot from the first one, which was horrible.
6. The Metal Foundry SDX (superior add on) for the overheads, the raw drums sound a solid meh.


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Wow!! I have to copy this thread somewhere and make it a stickie. Good job for doing this. Thanks so much!!

Love the toms on the Gretsch kit.


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Will you be doing an amp sim follow up....?


I don't think I own enough amp sim software to make it worth anyone's wild. TBH as a guitarist I never got into them anyhow, I have always found using amps to be significantly faster when it comes to getting tone worth using.


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Oh I agree about the amp sims...I was kidding about you doing an amp sim roundup.

AFA the drum software...I've simply chosen to run with Superior Drummer when I need to use soft drums, and I don't want to bother chasing my tail by constantly checking out other drum apps like they're really going to bring something new.

I've got enough EZX/SDX sound packs...that I would find it impossible to say that there's not enough there for me to get the sound I want. :D
Who-ah great list in there thanks! Superior Drummer 2 (The Metal Foundry Expansion Pack) and SSD are my favorites.

Gotta try SSD4 soon, their new trigger is awesome :D


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Chili I can't edit my OP and I would really like to keep this thread so people don't have to scroll through a bunch of pages to get updates. Anyway I can either send you the edit or get permission to edit it myself?

Is it a limitation of this forum's software?

Anyhow gents here are some new examples, not certain why this midi file that I used in the past is causing chokes on the cymbals but it doesn't really ruin the example:

EZ DRUMMER 2 STOCK KITS (if you upgrade from ez drummer one, you can still load ez drummer 1's kit):
EZ drummer 2 modern (default) original mix.mp3
EZ drummer 2 modern kit original (default) dry.mp3
EZ drummer 2 vintage original (default) kit.mp3
EZ drummer 2 vintage dry.mp3

The Rock Warehouse SDX (thank you Sal Giancarelli for help with this)
The Rock Warehouse SDX default Ayotte kit with room mics.mp3
The Rock Warehouse SDX default Ayotte kit with room mics turned off.mp3

Custom and Vintage SDX (thank you Sal Giancarelli for help with this)
Custom and Vintage SDX default kit .mp3
Custom and Vintage SDX default room mics turned off.mp3

Metal! EZX
Metal! EZX Default drumkit.mp3
Metal! EZX Default drumkit no room mics.mp3

Native Instruments Komplete 9 ultimate kits mixer presets NOT used (missing abbey roads kits from OP)
Abbey Road Vintage Drummer Ebony Kit.mp3
Abbey Road Vintage Drummer Ivory Kit.mp3
Abbey Road 70s drummer open kit.mp3
Abbey Road 70s drummer tight kit.mp3
Abbey Road 80s drummer black kit.mp3
Abbey Road 80s drummer chrome kit.mp3
Abbey Road Modern drummer sparkle kit.mp3
Abbey Road Modern drummer white kit.mp3
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