Lost it!


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AA 1.5 that is.

About 3 w eeks ago I had a serious crash on this HP laptop and ever since I have not been able to run AA.

It starts up and scans effects then Windows says there is a problem and I finish up with the message in the screenshot. Needless to say, no solution has been forthcoming!

Extensive Googling revealed that other programs can upset AA and one such is Fruity Loops and I had a demo of that but uninstalling and registry cleaned was all to no avail.

I have since removed other demo software including Magix Music Maker which is another "cut and shunt" style DAW like FL. Still no joy. I have removed and re installed AA 1.5 numerous times. I have the software on another W7/64 PC still working fine.

I don't use the software very much these days but it can be handy and so any ideas, gratefully received.

I would also just like to know WTF has gone wrong!



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Does it have a repair program? Otherwise, you will need to go in uninstall, remove the folder that it installs to under the programs folder, do a CCleaner (make sure there are no registery hang overs) , reboot, then install. That should work for you. 99% sure.
as a final resort(s)?

1) could try wiping the partition and reinstalling windoze then AA again... i have done this many times until i got the apps all plaing nice together, lol. sometimes the ORDER u install both programs in? matters... could see about reversing order of installation after reinstalling windoze fresh.

2) i know its possible to have AA and FL both on an xp pro machine, i have done it. also on 7-pro...

3) i USED to have the problem u describe? i wiped the partition, fresh install of windoze... and reversing the order of installing both programs made the difference for me.

4) make up a NEW user, only for audio? that might tame down other progs from firing up or background running and screwing things up.
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