"Lost Dream", final mix


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Lost Dream Mix2 by Bats Brew | Free Listening on SoundCloud

this is a mastered file. it's not very hot,
comes in about DR10, -11 LUFS.

first one i've mastered out of the 10 songs total on the upcoming album.

i'm toying with some plugs i don't normally use,
figured, why not.

maybe it's hard to judge 'mixes' with 'mastered' files,
i dont know,

i can always post JUST the mix.

this is my 'floyd' influence showing.


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a note on MASTERING,
for those who are into it...

so, when i mix, i mix into a master bus at K-18.

then, out of the master bus, i got to the MAINS, and i output there with a -2db true peak, and an RMS of about -14 LUFS.

that becomes my 'high def' file, at 24 bit/48khz.

if anyone ever wants a high def file, that's what they get.

then when i master for CD, for my own music, i target a DR of no more than 10. typically 11.

that is very conservative.

if i random poll the most recent pro cd releases,

here's what i get: DR= DYNAMIC RANGE

Santana Africa Speaks 2019 DR 04

Miley Cyrus She Is Coming [HDTracks 44.1/24] 2019 DR 05

Thom Yorke ANIMA 2019 DR 05

Weezer Weezer (teal album) 2019 DR 05

Megadeth United Abominations (2019 - Remaster) 2019 DR 05

Black Mountain Destroyer 2019 DR 05

Cardi B Invasion Of Privacy 2019 DR 05

It goes on and on and on.....ad nauseum

DR 05 seems to be the current target.

HALF the dynamic range of my masters.



i think i'm ok in the loudness wars.