Looks like it will be a while until NSSD (New Studio Space Day) thread


we've been in the new house now for just over 2 weeks. I've been doing ~90+% of the moving single-handedly, my brother is super swamped with work (which enables us to buy and pay for the house.) I'm getting too old for this stuff. Both knees, both wrists and my back are knackered. I managed to get all my stuff into the basement, now I must recuperate. I had foolishly entertained the notion that I would immediately begin the demolition process, that ain't going to happen. At best, it will be a late fall/winter project, maybe even next year. Right now I'd settle for being able to find a guitar cord so I can plug into an amp again.

I'm still deciding whether to keep the music computer here in the office or down cellar with all the gear. I'll probably start with it upstairs and when I get some sort of coherent setup down cellar, move it closer to the action.
When I bought my house 27 years ago, I made a '10 year plan' on renovations. I was 38, it seemed doable. 10 years on, I had been married 4 years and was 5 years into the plan. 10 years after that I was 6 years into the plan!. Now - she's got the house!
I hope it doesn't take 27 years. But, the electrical system in this house is beyond atrocious. We knew that going in, it was part of the negotiation. But it was just a bare bones, fix the naked wires, uncovered junction boxes, duct taped splices, etc. When I get to meet the electrician, I'm going to ask how do we rewire the whole house into a modern up-to-code domicile. We're probably going to put his kid (or 2) through college. Seriously, we're going to start with the breaker panel, most likely orphan everything and run new romex and replace all the outlets, switches, ceiling fixtures. Where there aren't any, we'll put some in. I want lights in the closets, in the hall, in the pantry. I might as well have the half of the basement that's going to be my music area on a separate clean circuit from the rest of the house.

Looks like I'm going to have to get a job to pay for all this.
Update - Still recuperating from the various infirmaries and making improvements. Finally got a tester/circuit breaker tracer kit. I've found exactly 2, yes, two receptacles in the entire house that are wired and grounded properly. One in the living room on the main floor of the house and the other in the basement's erstwhile 'bedroom'. I'll test the living room receptacle with a guitar amp tomorrow (er, morning cuz it's after midnight), because that's the awesome kind of neighbor I am.