Looking for way to record video with editable audio


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Hello! I've recorded video while recording audio, then added/synced the audio to the video, but that's so tedious. Is there a hardware unit available that will record both simultaneously, then allow for some reverb to be added to the audio? Not necessarily looking for multitrack (but would be nice!), it's just me singing while playing guitar. I've seen the Zoom Q2N, but that won't allow doing anything to the audio.
OBS? It has some plugins right inside it, but there are also ways you could send the audio through a DAW where you can do whatever you want and the stream that into OBS for recording.
I think that short of having a somewhat finalized audio feed going to the camera, your best bet is probably still going to be to record, adjust the audio and then mix back together. It gives you much more control.

The Q8 (or newer Q8n) is much better than the Q2n as it has two mic inputs for using better microphones than the ones that come on the camera. This fellow uses his Q8 with a pair of SP B3 mics. You still would need to adjust the audio though to add effects.

Once you set up a system, the editing should go pretty quickly. As long as you edit the whole audio file, you should be able to drop it straight into the video and have everything in sync. Once you start chopping things up, then sync becomes more of an issue.

One of the Zoom recorders with XLR input would get it recorded, then you can edit the audio in something like Reaper. It would be synced inherently, and you can edit it. Trying to do editing on a portable recorder is probably not practical even if it is possible.
I've video recorded myself using my GoPro Hero10 and the audio file is stereo and can be edited in any DAW. You can't easily use an external mic though. I've also had my wife video record me with her iPad and I then rerecorded the guitar and vocal (while playing along with the original audio) with my DAW. After mixing, I then repalaced the original audio file in the video editor. Everything synced fine.
Well, to do what you're asking, it might depend some on the camera you are using. Something like a DSLR with a stereo input could take a feed from something like a mixer with FX. I have done the former but long ago, though I didn't use FX. If you're going to a smartphone, it might get more complicated, if the phone camera can even accept external audio. If it can, it probably needs a digital input, but I am making stuff up at this point, since I have not tried that.

But, honestly, recording separately directly to a computer or on a digital recorder, then syncing audio is going to give the best results. That's what they do in the movies!
I mentioned the Zoom Q8n earlier. Here's a review of the unit that points out the capabilities and issues of the system. Zoom Q8n Review

The biggest disadvantage of this over something like a DSLR is the limitations of the camera. It has the ability to do a few different fields of view, but the depth of field is going to be set, and there is not image stabilization, so it needs to be set on a tripod to keep the image solid. Low light ability isn't as good as a something with a large image sensor.
However, for a webcam or a basic video shoot, it would work fine. It will accept external mics, or even line level inputs, so if you have a mixer and can set up the audio feed, that might make for a more finalized shoot possible.

For a camera that costs $350-400 US, it's quite a lot of bang for the buck.