looking for informaton on Fender 300 Bass


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I'm trying to find any information at all on this 600w bass amp I have.

black faceplate says: Fender 300 Bass

CBS serial number is P009527

rack mountable and looks like it would take 2 spaces...so 3 inches tall?

has 4 band tone control, effects send, 3 band parametric EQ, and a compressor...that has one control knob?...

I can't find the schematics number

It's not a bassman or 300ps

Adventure of My Bass Head:
It was stolen and abandoned by an old bandmate who "wanted to borrow it for a week"
...a month later: "Oh yeah, I'll get it to you next week...
then: "I'll get it to you as soon as I can..."
then: "It's someplace around Chillocothie, OH (I live in columbus)
then: "The guy who has it is Trevis B---, his address is in the phone book.

Well, Trevis wasn't listed in anywhere in ohio...
I later found that he actually lived in Washington Court House, OH...
I then found out that he moved to california :)
BUT, his wife said he left that stuff at his dads house and gave the phone number to my dad....
My dad wrote down the wrong number :)
I then looked up his dads name in the internet and found the correct number.
I then drove for an hour in the pouring rain to this guys house after I called him telling him I was on my way...
I get there and nobody answers the door :)
turns out nobody is home ...
Just as I give up to go to a gas station to call (incase he fell asleep) a van pulls into the driveway...he had to drive his son across town.

*intense psychological release occures*

I get my amp back...

It turns out the guy I loaned it to left the rest of his equipment too... so I take that off this poor fathers hands as well...

so I also get a Genz-benz 4-10 4-subport enclosure... a guitar...and some other miscilanious stuff to "return" if I ever see the guy again :)

the end