Looking for beginner instrumental fingerstyle songs


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I really like fingerstyle acoustic guitar. If I could magically acquire the skill of any guitarist, I’d choose Andy McKee. I’d love to learn his songs, but I’m not nearly good enough to play any of them yet. I enjoy listening to fingerstyle g appvalley uitar songs with lyrics but don’t enjoy learning them because it always feels like something is missing (i.e., the lyrics). I have no interest in singing. Are there easy instrumental fingerstyle songs I could use to improve my guitar playing? Or will I have to learn songs without lyrics until I’m good enough to tackle solo fingerstyle songs? Thanks!
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Fingerstyle is a labor of love. It takes time, and lots of practice. There are some people who have instructional books and DVDs out. One that I've met and watched is Richard Gilewitz. I have his Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop DVD and book. Here's a "first lesson" video he put out years ago:

Richard Gilewitz.com