Looking for alternative, electronic, dark music, etc. for mixing and mastering


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I'm an audio engineer interested in working with Minimal Synth, Post Punk, EBM and Industrial, Synth Pop, Gothic Rock, Darkwave, Cold Wave, Alternative Rock, Dream Pop, Synth Punk, Retrowave and any other related genres.
I'll do a free mix and/or master. In exchange I just ask for publishing rights strictly only for use of the resulting audio file or a fragment of it for my portfolio or for sending it to potential clients, etc.
Alternative song tracks

Hey rimbaud,

I have an alternative rock type song that I am currently trying to complete and I can share the individual tracks for that. By the way, it's my own song (the guitar and vocal performance is also mine), although the song is not in English language. I have attached a short mp3 clip of this song that I have mixed so far (just so you know what type of song it is and what it sounds like). It's still somewhat rough as I'm still working on it. If you like the track and would like to mix it, I will share the individual files with you. Do let me know. Thanks!


  • Maya_limit3 (online-audio-converter.com).mp3
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Thanks rimbaud33,

I have sent you the tracks for the song.