Looking for a new Midi Keyboard for home recording / learning piano


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I use my current midi keyboard to learn/play piano and to compose small parts for my (mostly acoustic) music.

I want a better keybed and perhaps more perks so want to upgrade. Currently have the £150 ish version of the Komplete Kontrol keyboard I can't remember the name. It's ok. But It's not got the expression or feel I'd like.

I've heard Novation have good key beds. I want semi weighted keys at least, though probably don't want them fully weighted.

Budget of around £200-350 and I am in the UK.

I'd consider a digital piano as perhaps I could have two keyboards, though I'd rather not.

You really need to try them. Feel is personal. I rather like the s61 mkII I have and hate things like clavinolas? A trip to the music store will save loads of grief