Looking for a Mastering service, paypal p2p


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I was wondering if there's someone here in the forums, that could help me with mastering my songs profesionally.
And that i can make payment directly over paypal. I dont have a credit or debit card to asiciate to Paypal check outs in
pages like Fiverr. So i need the standard Paypal invoice payment method.
In Feverr I was going to pay 13$ and it's the first time i ever send something to mastering. So it's like a test. I have an album to master before end of year. so also looking for someone to work with.

you may contact over here or trough mail: <email removed so you don't get mega spam>
What's "professional" lol...
All I know for sure is, the quality of your mix depends greatly upon the quality of your trax. You can't fix EVERYTHING with Eq/compression/reverb.

Why don't you just post what you've got?
Perhaps someone here will do it for free...