Long Time (Old) SONAR Man needs Drum Sampler help


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HELLO AGAIN (after many, many years)...

Don't know if u guys remember me...been using Cakewalk music creation software since Pro Audio 7. The old SONAR Forum at Cakewalk is a real mess (or non-existent)...can't get in.

So: I created my own SNARE samples...from a ROGERS PowerTone 5" (circa mid-'60's) & a TAMA RockStar 6" Stainless Steel (circa mid-'80's...I believe). I recorded these samples using both overhead & underside micing, in my studio, w/ great mics & a great preamp (w/ an Aurora 8 AD/DA)...under pristine conditions...into SONAR Producer X1.

1) MIDI MAPPING: I know what notes to assign for 'standard snare hit' and 'rim shot' (believing rim shot to be the same note as electric snare).

2) VELOCITY: I've noticed in every Drum Sampler I've used (Session Drummer in SONAR primarily, these days)...there seems to be 3 different snare hit sounds...a light, medium and heavy velocity, w/ medium kicking in at 50 & heavy kicking in at 100 (correct me if I'm wrong). So...I recorded my samples at 3 different stick hit levels, low, medium and high (hoping I'm on the right track here?)

3) SONAR used to have 'widgets' I believe, for creating one's own sample-based software apps...so my questions are:

A) Should I use a widget & create my own Snare Sample-based App in SONAR...& if so...where can I find instructions on doing so in Producer X1 (or elsewhere)? (instructions that would explain every detail of not only creating the app, but also audio clip assignment relative to mapping & velocity). (actually...NTITAI...don't remember seeing widgets anywhere in SONAR...remembering these from PA9).

B) Can I add my snare audio clips to an existing drum sample library (example, Session Drummer); & then make my mapping and velocity assignments within that app?

Thanx...need some direction here...remember reading the basics of widget app creation way back when, but never implemented anything.


decided to go w/ Kontakt...I have version 5; & the default player looks like it has a fairly simple process to assign clips, velocity scaling & all dat.

[btw...after everything I did, my snare samples sounded way to *tinny*...it was because I had them tuned way too tightly, something I did when I used to play live to have the snare bite thru the mix (along w/ underside micing). As a rule of thumb, snares should be tuned to A; & I think I was 5 or 6 half steps above that (oy-vey)].

But now I can at least go back to task...re-tune & re-record; & have a whack at Kontakt.

cheers, mate...thanx,


btw...no new users accepted at BandLab forum (& how many of those guys are knowledgeable as to the original ProAudio/SONAR anyway?)
Markman: Kontakt is the way to go. I made my own virtual guitar by following the Kontakt instructions. It was pretty easy, you prepare all your sounds, trimming, fading etc and then assign them to Kontakt's virtual keyboard, that's about all there is to it. More complexity comes with keyswitches which I didn't need. You can replace a snare with one of your own using Drumaggog, or simply copy the snare throughout the song, I've done that before. You can even get away with -3 db and/or -6 db versions of exactly the same sample, it fools the ear into thinking you've got different velocities.

mark4man , The new Cakewalk Discuss forum is wide open and getting new members everyday. The link provided by MIXSIT is correct. A few of the "original" Sonar team that Wrote the software, now work for Cakewalk by Bandlab , and are active on the forum. ms